DNS Over HTTPS Client For Linux

If your ISP intercept your DNS query (For blocking some site, inject ads, etc), you must encrypt your DNS query using DNSCrypt or implement DNS Over HTTPS. Unfortunately, DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) is not widely implemented. With this tool, you can use DoH client in your GNU/Linux System.


Make sure you have go 1.10 (or higher) installed in your system. Download DoH Client from this repo, and extract it.

Run make to build the program, and run make install to install it as systemd service. And then, you can start and enable the service using systemd command.

sudo systemctl start doh-client.service
sudo systemctl enable doh-client.service

For complete installation guide, you can rever to this page.


After service is started, make sure to change DNS server to localhost / in your network configuration.