Hexo to Hugo

Today finally I’m migrating Site Generator from Hexo to Hugo. The reason is, after a long time (since Sep 2019) and I want to update the Hexo version, the CI build is fail and I’m too lazy to figure out the problem 😂.

Indeed I have plan migrating to Hugo before, and this is the right time. The first step is to make sure the post content format can migrate with Hugo format. I create a few line bash script to make it easier:


for dir in */; do
  path=$(echo "$dir" | sed 's/\///g')

  mv "${path}.md" "${path}/index.md"

For theming, I create a new theme based on hugo/tailwind starter, this needs some adjustment since tailwind and purgecss requirement.

Content hosting still uses Github (private repo) and Netlify, and site analytic moved from Google Analytics to Cloudflare Web Analytics. Adsense placement using Auto Placement and at the bottom of the article.

Plus, I add NetlifyCMS to this blog for a better publishing tool, and this is the first post created on NetlifyCMS.